About Us

We enable Canadian businesses to enhance SAFETY, maximise EFFICIENCY and boost PROFITABILITY.
A positive experience, GUARANTEED.


Client focused approach driven by a well-balanced use of talent, modern aircraft systems and software address and solve business challenges.

Safety being paramount is built into every aspect of our work culture, training and workflow management.

Our pilots and support teams GUARANTEE a positive client experience.



Our comprehensive Ground and Flight School programs, designed by pilots and learning professionals, are crafted with the modern learner in mind.

Inter-active modules enhance learner engagement while AI-driven adaptive learning technologies help maintain mandated Transport Canada recency requirements.

Our trainers and support team GUARANTEE a positive learning experience.

We Know Drones.

Testimonials Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) experts operate coast-to-coast and are led by our Chief Pilot & Trainer
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